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I have officially moved to the Salvage and Repair Division to captain the repair section. I see this as an engineering role and I will be looking for Lieutenants to specialize and run three sub-sections. Here's how I see it laying out based on the current design documents and other information that has been put out.

External ship repair: You've probably seen the knuckledraggers on Galactica fixing Vipers and getting ships rearmed to get back in the fight. If you have a Crucible, want to crew one, or want to do small ship repairs on the flight deck of an Idris this is your home. I'd say that this is small ship repair, except that the Crucible can be used to repair parts of larger ships too.

Ship Engineers: If you see yourself as Scotty striving to be a miracle worker on a ship, join up here. You may be running around with the personal multitool patching parts, switching out components, diverting power through secondary systems, or whatever else it take to keep the ship going. On larger ships, you may be directing damage control teams of players, NPCs, and repair bots. 

Crafters: Items in the game can be made and overclocked. Remember that being part of a good engineering team means you are always making the ship better and not just fixing things. People that are good at creation and overclocking will also make excellent Repair Task Managers on Crucibles. 

I'm open to suggestions for names for each section and the engineering group as a whole. If you have questions or are interested in working in any of these areas, let me know. Here is the design document for reference. 

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