Small SAR Mechanics Update as of 3/3

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(Copied from Spectrum)

I am excited about the bits of information that has been coming in regarding the Red and SAR in general as a result of the Red's mechanics. I am summarizing info presented by CIG Matt Sherman that was relayed by LysetteD on Reddit. As usual, any of this can be subject to change.

First, some general Cutlass talk:

- RED is the only model that gets a toilet. For sanitation.

- Side and rear doors cannot be opened from the cockpit.

- Takes somewhere from 4 - 7 seconds to get in the front seat.

Now, more that affects SAR mechanics:

- For all Cutlass models, the cockpit section will have doors separating it from the rear cargo/utility section. This is really no change from the previous model, however it is important now that venting rooms in a vacuum is going to be more important to consider. Pilots can remain in a pressurized cabin, where the rear container will need to be depressurized from time to time.

- The sliding side doors will always cause the rear chamber to depressurize when opened.

- The cargo ramp has a atmosphere shield (atmo-shield). When active, opening the cargo ramp will maintain pressure inside the rear chamber. For the RED, this will be particularly important so any passengers or patients won't get spaced or suffocated during transport.

- Use of the atmo-shield will use significant enough resources that being in combat and using the shield will be challenging. This will most likely affect the BLACK and BLUE models. We'll see what other power-draining systems are on the RED that may be active at the same time. Perhaps life-support modules.

- The docking collar has been removed out of necessity as the mechanics for tethering one ship to another with motion was way to challenging.

That's it for now. To be continued.

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Thanks for the update. I haven't been following this much. If you need any assistance on the medical side, maybe I can help assist with that. Medical is my expertise after all :)

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Awesome! We'll definitely share what we learn when the mechanics come out.

The Red will on the pipeline soon and with all their progress, out in a couple months perhaps.

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