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So we are all aware of how HUGE Star Citizen is gonna be. Sure some of us have spent thousands of $$ on ships and other miscellaneous things. But i've been thinking about how Omega as the org can represent themselves to the rest of the community. If you're like me you're quite tired of seeing TEST everywhere so i had an idea that i'm willing to head up if you guys are down. 


Omega Care package. 


Now this doesn't have to be extravagant. At first i just wanted to send a nice bottle of bourbon to them with a personalize Omega label on it, but i figured maybe some of you may want to include some other cool things from your locales or some snazzy things you make. If you are interested just comment here some of your ideas and stuff and we'll go from there. 

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I can come up with the design and help pitch in for it. Probably even have it shipped from here, or make the drive to give it to them.

I'm 90min from CIG :)

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