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  1. Hello I'm interested I helping you put it together I have experience with graphic design and am willing to help.
  2. Glad to say that i was able to upgrade to a carrack
  3. Hello, I am trying to create a custom keyboard for use with 3d modeling software, and the creative cloud. I can handle to physical construction of the keyboard for the most part. I am having problems with the idea of the pcb or hard mount it. The bigger problem that I am having is the programming side of the project. Does anyone have any tips for me. I would like to use an on board raspberry pie, so that the keyboard can be moved to different computers without Having to program it in each computer. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am trying to rebind controls in star citizen and every time I click to rebind it. It automatically resets back to default. Am I missing something?
  5. Im down for training whenever
  6. along with the carrack, the freelancer and the constellation. I feel that the 315p will be a valuable exploration asset as we are trying for long distance exploration and jump point discovery. As there is jump points that are dependent on size of ship
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    From the album Works

  8. IMG_2040.JPG

    From the album Works

  9. what is the basis of omega voyagers, and what should i know about it, how do i join?
  10. Hello I am Grant Right now I have the constellation but plan on upgrading to the carrack. Star citizens exploration is the reason that I am playing the game to discover new things. I am a full time college student working for a degree in design, But i am playing when i can
  11. I have experience with graphics
  12. Hello everyone my name is Grant, I have decided to join as an explorer.