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  1. I'm not sure if the edit notifies everyone, so I'll also post it down here. I've just made an Omega Voyagers Logo for us, check out the first post on the thread to check it out
  2. Greetings Voyagers, Lt. Ruty of the Omega Corporation Frontiersmen FPS division group is trying to plan out a tournament for the live release of SC 2.6. He is looking for help to set it up if anyone is interested. Being the case that our Exploration light won't shine until 3.0, I am looking for Voyager members (or any ungrouped exploration Citizens) to form a team to participate in the event. My guess is we can use groups of 3-5 people, though the foundation for the event isn't set out yet. If you are interested in joining Voyagers FPS Event team, reply to this thread. If you are further interested or wish to be involved in the creation of the tourny, follow the link posted below. Whether you choose to join the event, or watch from the sidelines, I ask that you support our FPS division, as im sure they will support us (and protect us!) when exploration and planetary landing is available in the near future. Cpt. Xetrios Omega Voyagers Omega Corporation
  3. Actually, this seems like a good idea to get division's groups going, even if it isn't their division's activitiy. I'm sure i can get a few Voyagers to group up if we are doing group fights.
  4. Hello, Welcome
  5. (late) Welcome!
  6. So, as of watching the livestream last night, particularly the bit featuring the Herald, I believe the Herald can be considered Exploratory. However, the ship is very versatile (it can be used for info running as its intended purpose, military radar, etc.), it can also be a small exploration vessel for 2 people. very fast, yet small, it would be fairly easy for the Herald to zip through and scan large, cluttered areas such as asteroid fields. I bought the Herald back when it was in concept, 2014 I believe, and I am excited to take this computer with thrusters through the stars and see what can be done with it in 2.6
  7. First Squad on Approach

    From the album Wallpapers

    Carrack, Gladius x2, fantasy style
  8. right, it would give you a change up
  9. yeah, i just have to figure out a day. It's possible we could do it on thursday as well as the OCF for co-op purposes
  10. A long while ago, in one of the videos they gave us, we were told that there will be 3 sizes of jumppoints, the largest ship that can enter the smallest jumppoint size is a freelancer. I currently own a 315P for those lonely nights, however, i will soon upgrade it to a freelancer dur, as that ship is 1-2 people, I can still fly it alone and it can fit in the smallest jumppoint.
  11. Now, this video is about 2 years old, so take it with a grain of salt, but it's kind of exciting. This video shows the whitebox versions of the Freelancer Dur, the Constellation Aquila, and the Anvil Carrack.
  12. This thread is to share anything pertaining to exploration ships, so it may seem cluttered, but that's why i want a single thread for the topic, instead of 10+ separate threads about the same thing
  13. Upon the release of 3.0, we should have planetside landing. The omega voyagers will be grouping up in a ship, choosing one of the 2 or 3 planets in the Stanton system that you can land on (crusader is a gas planet, can't land on it) and we will just fly at a spot randomly and land on that planet, not knowing what we will find. What secrets will we find? This will be the earliest version of exploration, and we should all be excited.