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  1. The Multi-Crew ship night will still be a go this week. We will determine how we will structure the event based on the turn out we get.
  2. This week Ruty and I are working on a join operation which will include OCF Marines in a practice escort and drop mission to Security Post Kareah in the Stanton System. Please see the map link below for station location and information.,-5.44,0.0003,0,0 Ship #1, I will be commanding the over all mission from a constellation designated "Joker". I will need a pilot, and two gunners. Ship #2, will be a Cutlass Black designated "Zulu" this will be the ship carrying a compliment of OCF marines along with a Ruty and a pilot. Ship #3 & 4, will be fighter escorts designated "Alpha 1" & "Alpha 2" The fighter types will be determined on the pilots who are avaliable and their personal ship compliments. This is our first attempt at this in a structured manner so I ask for people to be patient and for people to follow instructions. This is not chit-chat time. If we are going to be successful in the future we need to work on things like this. I need people who are willing to help make this a success. Please be avaliable by 7:30PM EST on Teamspeak with a mission launch time of 8pm EST if all goes well getting everyone into the server. Once we start the mission we are going to go and if someone comes in later you may not be able to be a part of the mission. So I ask if you want to participate please be early and please be patient.
  3. Our First run last Tuesday was a success for only a 3 day notice. We had 8-9 people at one point on TS in Channel and it was very enjoyable.
  4. Congrats Paladin.
  5. Starting Tuesday March 14th at 7:30pm EST and continuing every week at the same time. I will be hosing a Multi Crew Flight Night for all Omega members. There are several of these ships that are already in the game and this will give an opportunity for anyone who has not experienced playing in one to do so. Currently this will be focused on the Caterpillar, Starfarer, and Constellation. More ships will be added as they come into the game. Each week we are going to test what we can do as an orgnaized group using these ships and allow our personel to get fimilar with them and have a great Omega Corporation experience.
  6. Welcome to the Band, Alot of good people here and the more the marrier..
  7. Congrats on the Javelin.. It will be a fine ship to have.
  8. Greetings Everyone, On behalf of Joker Squadron, I would like to introduce our organization as a new affiliate of Omega Corporation. We are a small independent gaming group that has been together for quite a few years and want to be affiliated with a larger organization who has the same ideals and goals for an overall team. It is our hope that as Star Citizen grows and develops our two groups can work together for a common goal for both of our benefits and develop new gaming friendships. Please feel free to visit us on our Organization Page at We also have our own Teamspeak 3 server that you are invited to visit with us on to play whatever game you choose or to just hang out. There will typically be someone from our group in the Omega Teamspeak in the Joker Squadron channel. Password: GOTH