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  1. until they release the game, we can talk all we want. until then, all we can do, is dream about our naughty adventures in the verse i guess, couple more years and we are there ps: sorry if i spell wrong some of my words, english is not my native language
  2. I always liked stealthier aproach in games, so i guess i would like to do some spec ops missions, for example steal some info or something for the org. Or some valuable tech maybe ^^. Of course if the rules of the organization alow that kind of behavior
  3. greetengs citizen! welcome!
  4. welcome!
  5. its not him, definitely
  6. works like a charm
  7. thumbs up!
  8. Greetings citizens! Just saying hi to my fellow crewman. I am 30 years old, from Serbia, and i am very much in love with this game. To be honest, i never played wing commander or x wing, but this game is pretty much all i ever wanted, and i am a big fan of the genre itself... True gamer at heart since childhood, mostly fps and rpg games, but i played some flying sumulators, and SC during free fly test (i don't have game package yet :(), so i am not going to be to much of a burden Anyways, hope to see you soon in the verse, as soon i get my hands on some extra cash Cheers Tweeksterr
  9. Greetings from Belgrade/Serbia. I guess it would be an issue, to play the game with all the guys living in general in usa. Anyways, you can count on me, we are in same time zone. That is, until i buy a game package Until then, live long and prosper