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  1. But I finally got it hehe.
  2. As title says I tried it...but on a different software. Using only dev tools, because if I had to actually use the files, it'd require using core files and the software is so poorly done that it'll break the second you do anything to the core files. There's practically no real documentation to help either but I tried my best Dylan lol...I tried Here's a screenie lol. So misaligned and stuff but meh it's as far as I got before getting a headache and saying fuck it. Also I have an interview Monday so if I land this job -> get paid weekly -> Dylan can build me a monster rig -> I buy it and set it up -> I play with you all cause I've been dying to play this damn game but no money.
  3. Wow, looks like you did it Balsagna. Ya know, if I wasn't cheap I'd probably play with you guys. Probably gonna wait til' next semester when I get my Financial Aid and after I get all my books. Get a new rig, get the game, and probably help out. I've been lurking for a year now and I haven't contributed one bit. :P Busy doing staff duties with my current Gaming Community.

    1. Balsagna


      Looking forward to seeing you around then Niu :)

  4. You two deserve an automatic Promotion.
  5. The sites progress is getting me all hyped up, it's like the energy conducted by a man on bath salts when he's eating another mans face...

  6. Been a while since I've stopped by here. I can see that it's growing slowly but surely. Looking forward to the sites Official Completion and what not.