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  1. Glad to have you friend. Hopefully just a short time until 3.1 so we can see you in the Cutlass Red bud!
  2. hey hey welcome! hop on TS we'll get your perms
  3. Recap OCF meeting 6-10-17 We discussed 3.0 and our future as a division within Omega Corps among other things. Below are some bullet points touching on some topics. Moving forward, Members of OCF will brainstorm on events and get togethers for OCF and Omega regarding 3.0. OCF members will assist in recruiting and getting interested members into TS so a Recruiter can assist. We discussed goals of OCF and ships we'll focus on using in 3.0 as well as Missions we'll run We discussed internal division titles (ie. medic, pilots, sharpshooters) Moving forward i expressed how i expect OCF members to put forth effort to show loyalty and passion to the division and the Org. I fully expect members of OCF to show interest and worthiness in being apart of this Division and this Organization. When the game calls for it I expect you to step up and perform in OCF. Lastly i really want members of OCF to come forth with any ideas or creative efforts you have. I need all of you to help make this Division succeed and help grow Omega in general.
  4. Welcome to the Frontiersman. I, Ruty, am the new Captain of this Division. We are the Marines of Omega. We'll encompass everything you'd expect form a marine. Coordination, Discipline, Firepower and Uniformity. What we're going to be focused on is basic Rank-and-File grunt work, with fire teams featuring established roles such as Medics, Sappers, Heavy Weapon Specialists, etc. Each member is expected to have some basic experience with First Person Shooters, the more the better. More info will follow in the coming days and weeks
  5. I am proud to announce the promotion of Lieutenant to Thrahser4952 for OCF. Moving forward he will assist me in all planning and getting our marines up to speed on our ops and what the game brings us later on. He's also there to answer any questions you may have regarding our division if i am unavailable. Congrats again Paladin.
  6. March 23, 2017 will be a semi mandatory event night for all OCF marines (obviously life happens). I encourage you all to put forth your effort to show up as it's been a while since we've fully been a Corps. It's not a requirement but we need to try and get together more often as a full group. Also if you can show up for JAFO's multi divisional Tuesdays, please do. See you all the 23rd!
  7. Fantastic!!! can't wait for your cat to kill me more!
  8. OCF is officially looking for a Lieutenant. I'm currently looking for someone with strong talents in leading and the want to succeed in any mission we do. To carry out the proper orders from any command properly, and able to make executive decisions in situations that call for it. Slight administrative work is required but not the main goal. If you're interested you can PM me on here, the website or hit me up on Teamspeak. I'm not so great or portraying my wants and needs via words so i can probably give you a much better idea in person. Thanks and keep shooting faces!
  9. Welcome! Glad to have you in Omega.
  10. HEY!!! you got the video yay!! I tried to tag you in spectrum for it but it doesn't appear you've ever been on there as your name doesn't come up. Tis a GREAT video Noobifier did and i'm super excited for what's to come!
  11. this is the most pretty fucking thing i've seen in this game. i'm so excited for you
  12. OCF* but I forgive you ;p. This is definitely the plan. I know Xetrios has been longing for mechanics to be able to do this
  13. Welcome!! hope in TS with us tonight as every Thursday our FPS Division hosts a weekly fps gathering.
  14. So we are all aware of how HUGE Star Citizen is gonna be. Sure some of us have spent thousands of $$ on ships and other miscellaneous things. But i've been thinking about how Omega as the org can represent themselves to the rest of the community. If you're like me you're quite tired of seeing TEST everywhere so i had an idea that i'm willing to head up if you guys are down. Omega Care package. Now this doesn't have to be extravagant. At first i just wanted to send a nice bottle of bourbon to them with a personalize Omega label on it, but i figured maybe some of you may want to include some other cool things from your locales or some snazzy things you make. If you are interested just comment here some of your ideas and stuff and we'll go from there.
  15. Hey OCF Marines, Thursdays have been a day we had set aside for our event night for a while and i just wanted to reach out to you all since we've grown quite a bit since the original inception. Is this still a good time for you all or would another day and time be better? Obviously its an open invitation for everyone in the org and a way to get us all together and involved having fun in the game, but it also gives us as a division the chance to all be together and perform as a division. you know...shoot faces. Let me know if this works good for you if we should consider a change. Thanks!
  16. i'm thinking these embedded videos that show up in this box and not posting when I submit this, sucks


  17. E3

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade fair for the video game industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game publishersand accessory manufacturers to introduce and advertise upcoming games and game-related merchandise. Unlike Gamescom and other video-game trade fairs open to the public, E3 is an industry-only event; individuals who wish to attend are required by the ESA to verify a professional connection to the video-game industry.
  18. Pax East in Boston MA

    In 2004, the folks at Penny Arcade decided they wanted a show exclusively for gaming. Sure, comics, anime, and other nerd hobbies were cool, and those activities all had their own shows… so what about games? From that idea spawned a small 4,500 person event in Bellevue, Washington, focused on the culture and community that is gaming. Since then, the show hasn’t looked back. Doubling in size each year until venue capacities were reached, in 2010 the show expanded into Boston for PAX East, drawing tens of thousands of attendees in the inaugural year. The shows in Seattle and Boston represent the two largest gaming events in North America!
  19. Gamescom in Cologne Germany

    Gamescom is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware. Gamescom is the world's largest gaming event, (measured by exhibition space and number of visitors) with 345,000 visitors, more than 6,000 journalists and 700 exhibitors from 88 countries attending the show in its sixth year
  20. Pax South

    PAX South 2017 is the most prominent southern convention event in the game industry. Computer, board, and card games are all included with a massive showfloor and accompanying meeting halls and rooms. Cosplay is also a strong presence at the event, similar in strength to Comic-Con and other conventions. 50,000+ attendees are expected at the 2017 event. “Since its launch in 2004, PAX events have doubled in size almost every year, and our Seattle and Boston events represent the two largest gaming festivals in North America,” Penny Arcade Business Manager Robert Khoo said in a statement. “We’ve been hearing for years that those in the south had a tough time making it to the northern corners of the country.” PAX South 2017 Websites: Official Website: E4G Event Page: @Official_PAX, #PAXSouth, #PAXSouth2016, #PAX
  21. Over the past couple of months OCF has grown as a division and a force to be reckoned with. Rubber and i are super proud at the time you all have put in, and how well you guys preform within Star Marine. Moving Forward, when 3.0 comes out, We'll be opened up to many new challenges and offers to preform as the premiere FPS division in Omega. I can't wait to fight along side all of you in the near and not so distant future. Current Roster. Captain Ruty Lieutenant Marine xtodmanx Marine Spaceagehero Marine Thrasher4952 Marine Muggin Marine Mhollo Marine Wo_oT
  22. Hey everybody!! I wanted to toss out a quick helpful walk through of how to set up a whisper list for your own division (or any group of people you'd want). This is different from channel commander and allows you to group a selection of people in TS to whisper to by pressing 1 or a combination of buttons. GREAT for squadrons in bigger multi squad battles and cross coms for leaders. It works across TS in any channel. If you have Teamspeak selected (primary window open) and press Atl + P you will pull open the teamspeak options. On the left you will see a list of tabs. Around the middle you'll see "Whisper". Click this. On the right at the bottom click the "Whisper Lists" Button to bring up the Whisper List window. In this window, on the bottom left you'll press the "New" Tab to set up a new profile. It will immediately asking you to input a hotkey for this profile. Press whatever key (keyboard or mouse) that you choose to use. It will then back out and have that profile auto selected. On the right you'll see a list, "Contacts" and whatever Teamspeaks you're currently in. If you have people added into your contacts they will show up in there. If not then you'll select the current TS you're in and "Clients". There will be a current list of the people on that Teamspeak Server. At this point you can click and drag people to the center box to add them to the current whisper list. Right click the name in the middle box to remove a person if you accidently placed. IF you do not see a person you want to add, then i would recommend you adding them as a friend next time you see them so they're in your contact list and you can later change them to a "Nuetral state" if you choose. But they will stay in your contact list from now on. If not, you can immediately access the client list in that Teamspeak list and add them to the client list. There ya go!!! Apply it and you're set!!! just go back to the Teamspeak screen and you can press your hotkey and immediately talk to your whisper list across teamspeak! You'll notice a red "record" button next to the persons name when you speak so you know who you're talking to. Any questions feel free to ask!!! Hopefully this helps you guys now or later on in the game!!! Below are some screen shots of the screens you will see