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  1. Glad to have you friend. Hopefully just a short time until 3.1 so we can see you in the Cutlass Red bud!
  2. hey hey welcome! hop on TS we'll get your perms
  3. Recap OCF meeting 6-10-17 We discussed 3.0 and our future as a division within Omega Corps among other things. Below are some bullet points touching on some topics. Moving forward, Members of OCF will brainstorm on events and get togethers for OCF and Omega regarding 3.0. OCF members will assist in recruiting and getting interested members into TS so a Recruiter can assist. We discussed goals of OCF and ships we'll focus on using in 3.0 as well as Missions we'll run We discussed internal division titles (ie. medic, pilots, sharpshooters) Moving forward i expressed how i expect OCF members to put forth effort to show loyalty and passion to the division and the Org. I fully expect members of OCF to show interest and worthiness in being apart of this Division and this Organization. When the game calls for it I expect you to step up and perform in OCF. Lastly i really want members of OCF to come forth with any ideas or creative efforts you have. I need all of you to help make this Division succeed and help grow Omega in general.
  4. I am proud to announce the promotion of Lieutenant to Thrahser4952 for OCF. Moving forward he will assist me in all planning and getting our marines up to speed on our ops and what the game brings us later on. He's also there to answer any questions you may have regarding our division if i am unavailable. Congrats again Paladin.
  5. March 23, 2017 will be a semi mandatory event night for all OCF marines (obviously life happens). I encourage you all to put forth your effort to show up as it's been a while since we've fully been a Corps. It's not a requirement but we need to try and get together more often as a full group. Also if you can show up for JAFO's multi divisional Tuesdays, please do. See you all the 23rd!
  6. Fantastic!!! can't wait for your cat to kill me more!
  7. OCF is officially looking for a Lieutenant. I'm currently looking for someone with strong talents in leading and the want to succeed in any mission we do. To carry out the proper orders from any command properly, and able to make executive decisions in situations that call for it. Slight administrative work is required but not the main goal. If you're interested you can PM me on here, the website or hit me up on Teamspeak. I'm not so great or portraying my wants and needs via words so i can probably give you a much better idea in person. Thanks and keep shooting faces!
  8. Welcome! Glad to have you in Omega.
  9. HEY!!! you got the video yay!! I tried to tag you in spectrum for it but it doesn't appear you've ever been on there as your name doesn't come up. Tis a GREAT video Noobifier did and i'm super excited for what's to come!
  10. this is the most pretty fucking thing i've seen in this game. i'm so excited for you
  11. OCF* but I forgive you ;p. This is definitely the plan. I know Xetrios has been longing for mechanics to be able to do this
  12. Welcome!! hope in TS with us tonight as every Thursday our FPS Division hosts a weekly fps gathering.
  13. So we are all aware of how HUGE Star Citizen is gonna be. Sure some of us have spent thousands of $$ on ships and other miscellaneous things. But i've been thinking about how Omega as the org can represent themselves to the rest of the community. If you're like me you're quite tired of seeing TEST everywhere so i had an idea that i'm willing to head up if you guys are down. Omega Care package. Now this doesn't have to be extravagant. At first i just wanted to send a nice bottle of bourbon to them with a personalize Omega label on it, but i figured maybe some of you may want to include some other cool things from your locales or some snazzy things you make. If you are interested just comment here some of your ideas and stuff and we'll go from there.