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  1. I have no problem using a mouse, specially when aiming weapons. But I hope CIG optiimize the game for Joystick users, I have also an Hotas X. In the other hand, for FPS purposes, the mouse is the logical choice. It would be fine if FPS gamers come to SC to fill the massive amount of ships owned by actual backers.
  2. At least one person in Europe, one in America and one in Asia is needed like Omega spokesman available to other organizations.
  3. Well it's interesting point of view because that harms bigger orgs. Let me explain, Xplor have above 11.000 members, I guess it's impossible watch all the steps of their members and that would erode their reputation. Smaller orgs would benefit by optimized estructures and members relations. Not info about if an illegal action changes reputation automatically, like alignment in rolegames, if you ask me about that I don't like the idea because implies a limited choices ingame, and benefits specially bad/legal behavior.
  4. Another question is the affiliation SID. I have no info about SID ingame in PU. But seems me players will display their affiliation above their heads. Is correct? Any info discarding that? I posted a topic asking about how one organization can steal a capital ship without starting a war. This question is not so simple. If always the thief is identified that mean large corporations like Xplor or Imperium will never see their capital ships in danger. No way for pirates unless their match the size. That not seems me reasonably, my vision is CIG allow to hide SID for affiliates for that reason, but i have one question more. Can you hide all your affiliations. I cannot and this question is important for me because changes radically the game. Thanks for reading
  5. Well the reputation may be important for the whole Omega, but reading posts in RSI forums seems me PVP is wanted by more players than PVE. That mean the UEE secure areas, that is, with active police boots or something like, will be only a part of the PU universe. In greyish and black areas the profits and fights will be higher and large corporations will be there, for sure, despite their "reputation". Consecuently is important to think a formula to earn size and power in these areas eluding frontal hostilities against big organizations. That involves the political factor in hands of diplomatic corps of Omega, but also special Ops, because sometimes will be necessary do missions not involving Omega directly. Correct me if I'm mistaken or I'm saying something incoherent.
  6. If the Cutlass or the Redeemer are capable of piercing the hull of a Capital ship and drop several soldiers inside... That would be a great spoil for the adventurous. This special OP cannot be done for regular members of a great org. like Omega, because i'm sure the SID will be displayed over their heads. And a frigate or destroyer is a good reason to start a relentless war. I do not know how politics will run in the PU, but I guess not very different of EVE. Ideas?
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