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  1. Every day except for the weekend. I work part time. Submitted vote.
  2. Could already do some instancing if they wanted.  Short term they can probably get up to 200 players in an instance after code refactor coming with 3.0 which bring improved performance.  Long term they will be using server meshing to allow for much larger numbers of players in a given area interacting with each other (i.e. up to 2000).

  3. I really liked the planetary presentation, but I thought it could have been less scripted. I also expect delays in the coming months, but that's just so I don't get disappointed if things do get delayed.
  4. I like the symbolism. Not a fan of logos with text involved, personally. I like it simple and basic; something that can be easily recognized whether it's on the hull of a ship or the uniform of a member.
  5. Omega Frontiersmen FPS

    Activities will be loosely based around proper boarding, LZ landings, room clearing and just plain getting adjusted to Star Citizen as it progresses regarding fps. Event Coordinator RubberCurtain & Ruty
  6. AWESOME logo!
  7. Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  8. The Viking! Welcome to Omega!
  9. Please refer to Newest pinned post.
  10. Yeah, we don't have an M.S.S. Rehab Center.
  11. Welcome to the organization! See you around!
  12. Just as the title says. Reply if you are interested.
  13. I'd like to have an updated signature. Name: RubberCurtain Corp Division: Military Rank: Ensign Thanks for the help.
  14. HELLO.