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  1. Hi & welcome Jake Nkiruka!
  2. Use this link to make your own now
  3. You would think it would, but if you need one missile per asteroid and until we find out more......
  4. Finally got my Orion
  5. Well don't forget you will need a transport ship too get more RMAP's too, (Remote Material Analysis Package) if they make these missiles consumable...for the Scan Operator
  6. I agree no reason to exude anyone members from the forums other than the Asteroid Locations forum BTW Daldrin how did you get your new sig on the forums I got a error message...
  7. Since I am not in the PTU yet and I was bored at work today I got thinking about the Mining Division. I know Balsagna is work on a brand new forum and more for us, so some of my ideas can wait till then but I figure I can suggest them and see what everyone thinks and get suggestions, thoughts, ideas, sarcasm, criticism, etc on them. Forum Ideas: Create a sub forum called "Mining Captains & Crew" This would be for anyone interested in mining whether they own a Orion or looking to crew one. General Forum - Just for general chat forum Mining Specialists - This would include the 5 different positions needed to crew a Orion, Pilot, Scan Operator, Beam Operator, Cargo Operator, Refinery Operator. These would be used to discuss each of the separate positions Asteroid Locations - Info on the different asteroid fields located around the verse Looking for Crew - Self explanatory This is only a few so far, so if anyone has any ideas on other forums please suggest them! Organized Mining Nights: I am thinking at least a few different themed mining nights. Beginners Mining Night - Just a friendly training night so members can try the different crew operations stations and learn in relative safety! (Also I would suggest that all miners be proficient in all the different operations just not one or two, never know when you might be needed to run a different crew operation stations) Advance Mining Night - This night would involve more organization possible inviting both the Transportation Division and the Military Division, this would allow us to go more lucrative and dangerous fields but we would learn how to work together with both the Military & Transportation Divisions. Mining Weekends - This is where what we learn on the previous two nights and put to use but in a large and longer scale.Facebook Page Do we want our own for Mining Division? Easy way post pictures and video.... UTC Clock As for coordinating a mining events or any Corp wide events (and this is totally up to Balsagna) having two clocks on the webpage, one that shows members local time & a second clock for UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) How many times have someone ask what time is the event since they live in a different time zone or miss and event because of the time difference & with members all around the world it would be easier if as a Corp we did use UTC for events, or at least that's my 2 cents worth on it Any other idea?
  8. I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro, installed the latest version of TeamSpeak 3, went to the add-ons page and downloaded and installed the TeamSpeak 3 Overlay (ts3overlay AP20) and set my hot key for it. In World of Warship the TS windows comes up and works fine, when I try in Star Citizen it crashes my game or does not load the TS window..... Any ideas?
  9. I am actually thinking of buying a Starfarer to go with my Gemini.....
  10. We now have a TS icon and a dedicated miner BFB channel (thanks Todd) hope to see us soon in there and mining!!! I also change the unofficial motto of the mining division on the banner from Latin back into English.... "Miners Do It Deeper" Edit: I changed the Motto graphic for you.. Todd
  11. Hey Bones2337, Be sure to get your BFB tag in TeamSpeak and check out our dedicated miner channel!
  12. We now have TS icon for the Mining Division once Todd or a Board member uploads to the TS server, big thanks to Sarah for making us one!! I have also been trying to make a banner......
  13. When on surrounded ground, plot. When on deadly ground, fight.

  14. This Wednesday Nov 25th the Orion goes on sale $350 USD make sure your wallets are ready