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  1. New update its finishing up whitebox about to go into greyboxing.
  2. Its nothing new but is nice to have available in video.
  3. Hello fellow miners, I would like to put on display a video summing up how mining in star citizen mining would be.
  4. Hurray mining and refueling is coming out in 3.1, but only the simplified version of mining with the MISC Prospector will be available. The large scale mining with the Orion will have to wait till 4.0 A long ways off yet.
  5. That top logo is amazing
  6. If you need a pilot give me a holler. I can take on other roles too.
  7. Long way off. Orion is nowhere near done and I believe it was pushed back for another ship.
  8. no does not sound like him.
  9. I'll start things off and mention I have an Orion and willing to crew other ships if needed.
  10. Hello everyone. Looking to get some updated info on who all has what and what roles they are looking to play for the Resource Division. I'm looking for Orions, Starfarers, and Crew for either ship types. Just msg below what ships you have below and if your interested in crewing a ship if needed. Looking to get a list of people who I can look too for operations when the game goes live in the future.
  11. True, but as the Orion is supposedly the large mining ship would it not have a lot of missiles? i mean the thing is the size of an idris itself.
  12. ya i uploaded mine to imgur and set that as my sig.
  13. personally id sort of like that? personally a looking for crew page should be a general topic page for all divisions so we can pull in anyone and others can pull too. and the asteroid locations should be a page exclusive to the exploration group and the mining group. specialists can get there own tab so they don't spam a general forum group lol. And as for mining nights its probably best to have one mining night. maybe a sat/sun. as I think military will probably have drunk Friday night ops lol, if not they should. ( I'm looking at you tod. )
  14. Well so long as someone can refuel my orion while we move place to place.