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  1. Only a few days left on the concept sale... Still not sure if I'm going to pull the trigger or not. Oh, the pressure! Classic first world problem.
  2. Looks pretty sweet! For the low introductory price of $325. The mining career page has also been updated with lots of info. I definitely want to get an Orion... but I kinda like I'd rather work my way up to it in game after release; or see what else comes out until then. I'll mull it over some more.
  3. Aerrin 1 Role: Mining / Hauling 2 Role: Combat Ops 3 Role: Salvage Goal: Be a profitable citizen through an honest living... involving killing pirate scum. My Favorite Ship: Gladius for combat ops; something else for mining ...Orion...? Or something else as it comes available. Do you own your Favorite ship?: Not yet.
  4. Good to hear it. For better or worse (mostly better) it sounds like mining will be considerably more than "point laser at rock... profit."
  5. This might sound dull, but some of my most fond memories that I have from when I was playing EVE a lot a couple years ago was my corporation's Mining Operations. Once every couple weeks or so we'd get a large group of pilots together and head out to the belts and start mining away while chatting away in TS. There were designated miners, haulers and even a combat patrol watching the surrounding systems in case someone decided to come give us a hard time. After we were done, one of the officers would determine approximate amount of cash we'd get from the haul and pay it out equally among everyone that participated. It wasn't so much the money that made it worth it, but the cooperation of the group at large working to be as efficient as possible. I haven't read much on how SC going to handle mining, but I'm personally hoping an Op like this will be possible. Everyone wins, either you get cash from the ore; or someone can use the materials to manufacture stuff for the rest of the corp. EDIT: Just saw this from the Town Hall.
  6. Howdy fellas. Just going to post a quick intro. I'm originally from Iowa in the states. Currently I'm in Afghanistan doing a 12-month tour. When I'm done with this tour, I'll be moving to Korea. EVE online veteran, been out of that for a couple years in order to focus on career and family. I'm looking forward to contributing to the organization and making an imact in the verse.
  7. Welcome to the forums Aerrin :)