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  4. and apparently i have hit my upload limit so i suppose i need to use a different method for images, I am also going to paint the skid plate on the 1070 white, just have not started that yet. i am not sure if i want to do it while the plate is on the card or off the card
  5. So thank to Xetrios, who showed me the original video of someone who did this mod for CES i think it has been stuck in my head and i decided to go for it LOL The end goal for this mod is to have a touch display completely separate from my pc, to do this i am going to need to get a different display and a touch panel along with a raspberry pi and preferably linux if possible so that i can use it as my local development server the proto typed worked quite well with just parts that came out of the monitor i re purposed here are some pics i took of it working so far. below you can see the power supply and video input from the monitor ( i gotta find a way to put them inside the case or something.) so after realizing that there is not enough back lighting i went on amazon and ordered me up some RGB LED strips, now for the transparent effect to work there has to be enough back lighting and since light is reflected back off of a white background better then a black background i have decided to void the warranty on just about everything in my pc and do this!
  6. i really dont think its going to be bad considering i have a ceiling fan constantly moving air around the room and the 2 140mm fans on the cooler and the fact that its so open, now i can see the radiator getting clogged up with dust, but thats cause the fans are forcing air through it and maybe the top of the video card getting a light dusting but that will be solved once i flip it upright with the riser card, if i eve get around to it. unlike a normal case were as soon as the dust gets in via a fan it just clings cause there so closed of and it just hangs out and stays in there. but idk we shall see is a week or 2 how it looks
  7. so here are some pics of the new case, cooler and the 1070 had to put them on imgur since the damn site would not let me upload them...
  8. so i have about $150 worth of points that i can spend at newegg, so if anyone needs / wants anything from newegg let me know and i can get it shipped to you
  9. i would be dead after the 2nd stop and shurly not able to drive after the first stop LOL
  10. Now Depending on how this all works out in game this will change to match. KillJoys how i see the killjoys internally working, there will be 5 levels level 1 - 5, 1 being the lowest and all members start at level 1 unless otherwise proven to be competent (more on this later) there are 5 levels of warrants, Warrant levels 1,2, and 3 - Alive only Warrant Level 4 is AoD (Alive or Dead) PoD (Proof of Death) is Required! Warrant Level 5 is a Kill warrant, you track, find, and execute the target in a manner of your choosing, PoD is REQUIRED! ALL Killjoys are to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in your power to return a level 1-4 warrant ALIVE! no i know we really have no basis on this and have limited information as of right now, but hopefully come 3.0 we will be able to tweak this and see how it progress's if you are interested Let me know!
  11. Assassin

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  12. awesome man thanks! thats perfect, its smoother and not as dizzying as the other was awesome job!
  13. @Atomiccan you slow down the GIF so its a little smoother and just rotates like half a sec longer maybe a whole sec and pm it to me for the stream?
  14. Welcome to the forums Arthuss :)