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  1. Arlanas 1 Role: FPS Assigments/Crew 2 Role: Exploration/Transport 3 Role: Assassination (depending on how it will be designed) Goal: To Have fun with friends and do stuff for org . My Favorite Ship: Carrack, Freelancer Do you own your Favorite ship?: Noo, but i will, one of them, or both, uhh .
  2. Hey guys,My name is Nino i am 23 years old and coming from Rijeka,Croatia. I am working for Croatian ISP as a tehnician and loving it. I am following SC for 2 years now and attended gamescom party in Collogne.That was really fun,meeting Chris(i have pic proof ) and Travis! Currently i own only 300i but planing to buy one more ( probably Carrack becasue that ship is amazing ) . Well thats it If you have questions feel free to ask anything Cant wait to log in, meet all of you and have a big party on Idris
  3. Welcome to the forums Arlanas :)

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      Thank you captain! :D