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  1. Hey all! I recently did a rebuild of my system and noticed that I sometimes have to move my Steelseries Merc Keyboard to another USB port every time I turn on my computer to get it to work. This never happened before the rebuild and I'm thinking it might be something on my motherboard that got screwed up when I moved everything over. Just wondered if anyone has had this issue before. I'm running Windows 7.
  2. Awesome! Grats!
  3. This is extremely well done! Thanks for putting all of this together.
  4. Thanks so much Sarah for picking up the sigs, they look great!
  5. Awesome! I hope we can work together on this.
  6. I like that! I just want to bank some cred on patching people up so we can expand our own operations within Omega, but salvaging their ship (or what is left of it!) would come into play too. The question is whether that would be covered under ship insurance or not. All information we have would say, yes, it would be covered under SI, but there may be some sort of limitations depending on what the person was doing (sketchy activity?) or what part of space they were in (pirate space?) The details are still being fleshed out and we may not be clued in for months, if not a year or more. but I hope Omega OMEN becomes a thing one day, even if the original model has to change. Thanks for bringing up OMEN though!
  7. Noted, but I was mainly referring to the hypothetical medical insurance idea that was mentioned on the forums a few months back---Messer-care? Better have out-of-system coverage
  8. While only making basic assumptions on what you may mean by "clandestine operations" I'm not entirely sure this would mesh with Omega's corporate guidelines...and I'm not sure recruiting on our forums would be the best way to serve your needs. That being said, I appreciate your music choice in your video.
  9. Excellent! This model can evolve to that...I've also heard that the insurance idea may not cover "outer rim" we may have a market in remote/high risk areas.
  10. Well, to all who know me...I'm not very quiet! Looking forward to a LOUD medical division
  11. Ooh, me too, please! These look hot! They even have a space for rank it! Thanks in advance!
  12. Just seeing this now---love it! ...wonder if they can be bribed with Famous Amos Cookies? (Bag on the desk)
  13. I’m catching up on my Star Citizen medical-related knowledge, so I thought I would post things here as I come across them. Please feel free to suggest links and I will update this posting—this is ongoing, in no way should this be seen as complete…yet! Enjoy! Official RSI Engineering – Development ReleasesHealing: Medical-Related Ships:Cutlass Red (Rescue): (Crew Medical Facilities): Mentions in Videos:10 For the Chairman Episode 45, Question 9: Hospital ship monetization at 20:00: Episode 40, Question 10: Player revive / hospital ships at 15:00: Forum Topics:Coming Soon!
  14. So this is theoretically like EMS for pilots. Medical insurance has been debated on the forums, but I haven't come across anything official (someone correct me if I'm wrong.) Also keep in mind that this plan was developed October 2014, so circumstances could have changed and this can evolve into something that will work with the persistent universe. As of now, insurance covers ship and cargo...unless I've missed something, which is totally possible since I've been out of the loop for a bit. There's also the ability to hire medical evacuation units from the proposed OMEN fleet--so smaller orgs can raid. It would depend on the situation, and this would still have to be fleshed out. There could be some sort of agreement between us and other orgs, or maybe it's based on a "healers for hire" model. Of course, we would prioritize OMEN operations for overall OMEGA purposes.
  15. Right now it's moving everything from a mid tower to a modified NZXT Phantom case and downsizing the extra drives, attempting some cable management, etc.; but more ram and new video card are on the way over the next month or so. If I'm rescuing and patching people up the last thing I need is insufficient memory and graphics card and , lol. The medical division went away? Check out my post in the medical section, I laid out plans for something called OMEN (Omega MedEvac Network) back in October that is self-sustaining and marketable.