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  1. Good Morning, This is a topic to discuss exactly what the numbers are of ground pounders that will be available to provide security during operations (non pilots). I've been looking around to try and get an idea of what those numbers are and I may be just looking in the wrong place. If our numbers are not as good as we would like. Without stepping on any toes here and providing the corporation with more options I'd like to offer up some potential prospects that are proven in game FPS leadership. Because I'm a transport/merchant pilot primarily, loading and offloading cargo is when I'm most vulnerable. Having a competent laser focused security team is a concern of mine. I'm not saying that the current team is inadequate, however if there is a chance to bring more bodies to the force to mix and match skill while providing an ample roster to pick from to conduct multiple missions across the verse would be beneficial to all. This would alleviate stress on the current team so they are not being stretched to thin and required to do mission after mission without really any down time. I recently came across this guys YouTube videos and his team of 30+ players that execute hour+ long missions by following orders thru a chain of command system. Their ability to plan, execute, adapt to, and complete missions ranging from 30 min to 2 hours without straying or letting ADD kicking is rare these days in the FPS gaming world. I strongly recommend reaching out to them. I have drafted up an official omega corp PDF file based on my observations and sources. If you want to take a look please let me know and i'll email it. Again, more bodies to provide security for operations. its a win for everyone.
  2. Good Morning, I am proposing a linguist section as now its known that there will be a need for actual translators. These individuals will be invaluable during exploration, merchant, and diplomatic missions.
  3. Nice
  4. Hello, I'm not good with introductions cause I usually just hop right on in but here we go. In real life i'm 24 years old, young army officer 2Lt. With that piece said there I am very good at following and leading, where ever I am needed i'll happily go to accomplish corporate goals. Space games I've played, is the X series, eve online (4 years), void, and dozens of other alpha space games. Just like most of you I love space and everything it has to offer. Loyalty runs deep in me so usually when I commit to a group, I stick with them for a very long time. If there are any questions of me, please ask i'm an open book, i'm Kyle robinson on facebook and most of you are there as well. So lets do this and have fun. Varick Korso Edit: Oh and I picked the freelancer cause its kind of a bad ass Winnebago with large guns.
  5. I want the constellation Taurus cause of its storage, I'd be willing to melt my Freelancer max for it. Can I melt my freelancer, maintain the package (insurance) and get the conny alone allowing the insurance to transfer?
  6. Alrighty, Like I've said before i'm moving, once I get settled in central standard timezone, i'll be a lot more visible.
  7. How do I up load a pic that is more than 3.98KB as shown on my screen, I've seen it say a lot more, whats goin on?
  8. Will anyone know how the ingame communications will work? Surely those systems apart will find it difficult to communicate. I know that we will use teamspeak to get around this distance issue. However when ever conducting deals with people who do not use teamspeak (i'm sure there are those that wont) How will comms work when ever dealing with buyers and sellers (players). Contacting affiliates with jobs or looking for jobs. Anyone know how this will work?
  9. Free Lancer MAX, Its all I need =]
  10. I do too, so much I changed my name to Bender and now the planet express ship is more appropriate.
  11. I'll fly my max with you now that I upgraded, a few more maxs' and we'll be able to provide our own security with the amount of guns we can field.
  12. Yes!!! that'd be me! And welcome mate!
  13. Oh boy....... I got my finger on the trigger I'm about to get this freelancer MAX.
  14. Love it! I havnt met this guy yet =[
  15. Hey dude, welcome aboard, looking forward to flying with you.
  16. Thats hot ... so if I upgrade my ship. Do I lose my 6 momth insurance policy? Edit: Damnit!!! just took a tour of the max free lancer.... Now I want it... She will be called Planet Express ship from futurama
  17. Its alright boss. Let those like myself that only habe one ship, fill in the blanks for you and others.
  18. if no one in the corp can, i'll see if I can get in contact with one of my buddies that do this. If you had access to the actual model of this ship I could do it in blender.
  19. How much is sacrificed for the max? The gain is cargo and quad engine set but, are you a fatter target? Less weapons?
  20. I've been known to say indigo, over india sometimes... no idea why but it happens. Its hard wired or something
  21. Always looking to support the local privateer =]
  22. I figured once the game kicks off there will be a lot of new lost souls in the game looking for a group to show them the way and work for money. I'd like to be there planet side/station side, recruiting and offering opportunity for people to join crews. I've always enjoyed talking to people and coaching them. I have usually taken on the role as the recruiter in corporation, guild, clan, because I have developed a good sense about people, figuring out if they are team workers, solo players, leaders, followers, and more just by a short inquisitive conversation. I would love the opportunity to take on this responsibility to aid in screening crew members that fit the corporations mission statement.
  23. I'll start talking to my contacts now, those I trust. Once I can find interactive grounds I'll be able to recruit competent team based crew members and potential new pilots. Allow me to finalize my move to my new home and get set up (this will take a few weeks to a month) and I'll see who I can find for you guys
  24. I wouldn't mind assisting the primary diplomat or being the primary, or secondary.
  25. If anyone one driving a cutless needs a co pilot to max the needs, i'll park my freelancer and gladly join a trip for treasures