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  1. Your wife thinks $45 is a lot, yet you're spending how much on renovations? I would assume money isn't tight if you have enough to be renovating your house or flat.
  2. I could chip in $30 to the cause. I can't afford more right now, the sale wasn't kind to my wallet, even with one temporary melting.
  3. I would think that both will be less than $400 dollars. I could be wrong of course, but not even the Idris was $1500.
  4. The way I understand it is that the interior is able to be swapped out and modified. So you can get the Blue and put in the medical bays of the Red. That's what a bunch of people seem to think on the SC forums anyway. It makes sense, as all ships are supposed to be customizeable. The Hull C (Discreet) is a big cargo hauler, that has secret nooks and crannies and shielded areas to prevent prying eyes from seeing what you're carrying. Carrack is a large exploration vessel.
  5. Definitely interested in FPS. Looking forward to PAX Australia and the FPS Reveal from Illfonic. Should be fun!
  6. I have the Reclaimer. Love the concept art and the proposed game mechanics.
  7. I would have said Hull C, but the Reclaimer released first. Love the concept art, it's iconic. I'll be getting the Hull C as well, will see about the rest.
  8. I think the Cutlass Blue is a good choice, assuming you're looking to do Search and Rescue. The way I see it, the "Blue" variant has the better shield, power plant and weapons. It can also be kitted out with the cells (which come standard for bounty hunting or slave trade) or the medical bays (which will be a huge asset, especially once FPS is up and running). Congrats on the 890 JUMP purchase. I was thinking about it, but the Hull C and Carrack are right around the corner and I'm definitely getting the Hull C. I kind of wish I had upgraded my Constellation Andromeda to a Phoenix, because I would have absolutely no reservations about melting it for an 890 JUMP. I'm keeping the Andromeda.
  9. Just joined, look forward to playing alongside you.
  10. Welcome to the forums Seoul_Seeker :)