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  1. I'm also a musician turned family man. Good to meet ya
  2. At some point in the near future I have to get on TS and get a more detailed explanation of what would be considered piracy or "bad" behavior
  4. I'll be back full time once I get 2.0
  5. I'm also from Ohio. Welcome aboard and go cavs
  6. Imo , although it's probably handy for some things that are more secondary type commands, I find voice attack not really necessary as it was in the beginning since now we have keyboard shortcuts for everything. Originally, it was the only practical way really to do things like change power levels and shield control. Since then, I got tired of having to change the profile after every update and consider it more trouble than it's worth. ymmv. I use a G13 gamepad and use it's ability to assign custom keybinds and macros to simplify things a bit on the controls side as opposed to voice attack.
  7. Welcome
  8. I agree, I feel like this is the key the way the game is designed right now.
  9. I use a thrustmaster t16000m + a logitech g13 game pad for now. I would like to add a CH throttle in the future. Lately I get the feeling that I really need to learn to fly with the mouse, but joystick is a lot more intuitive for me. Looking forward to see what the Star Citizen branded HOTAS will be like, hopefully by end of year.
  10. An org called Southern Cross Alliance is hosting a racing tournament and giving away ships as prizes. I entered for the shits and giggles. If any Omega-nites are interested, follow the directions in the link to sign up: Keep in mind these dudes are from Australia so that means potentially late night/early morning event times for Americans. If anyone wants to do private matches for practice, hit me up.
  11. registrations have closed on this. Race is 4/25, send as much good ju ju as you can spare, I will need it!
  12. Awesome! Have you guys played other games together or did you come together specifically for SC ?
  13. greets
  14. EDIT: I've added my best times to the post below... I haven't really been able to play much since the new patch due to tech issues, but I'm curious.. How is everyone doing on the track? Is racing fun? What's your best time? What ship did you use?
  15. Daytona 500 was today and that race marks the beginning of the season, so after taking the last 2 or 3 patches off I'm back to it. M50 drifts a lot more since last I flew her so I'm assuming they must have nerfed the thrusters at some point. It took a while to get used to flying again, but I managed to hit 1:07 tonight. I'm not too particularly proud though because I crashed a ton, but it's a start.
  16. Good to meet ya
  17. Recent patches to the game have made these 2 sexy beasts the red headed step-children (no offense Ginger) of the SC universe. They still look totally hot tho if you're in the market for a hot rod. Here's to hoping the next patch makes these guys viable in multi player so I can blow the cob webs out Take care, BA
  18. -Nerd Alert- So, I decided to dl Babylon 5 and re-watch the series. I haven't seen it since it was on TV. There are a lot of similarities with the SC universe, just as many as SC has with firefly. In fact, that it is what I think SC is (or hopefully will be) : the perfect blend of Babylon 5 and Firefly, with just a touch of OG Star Wars dog fighting scenes. -Nerd Mode Off-
  19. Welcome, I think I saw you over at Omega family.. good to see you here