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  1. I'm also a musician turned family man. Good to meet ya
  2. At some point in the near future I have to get on TS and get a more detailed explanation of what would be considered piracy or "bad" behavior
  3. I'll be back full time once I get 2.0
  5. I'm also from Ohio. Welcome aboard and go cavs
  6. Imo , although it's probably handy for some things that are more secondary type commands, I find voice attack not really necessary as it was in the beginning since now we have keyboard shortcuts for everything. Originally, it was the only practical way really to do things like change power levels and shield control. Since then, I got tired of having to change the profile after every update and consider it more trouble than it's worth. ymmv. I use a G13 gamepad and use it's ability to assign custom keybinds and macros to simplify things a bit on the controls side as opposed to voice attack.
  7. Welcome
  8. I agree, I feel like this is the key the way the game is designed right now.
  9. I use a thrustmaster t16000m + a logitech g13 game pad for now. I would like to add a CH throttle in the future. Lately I get the feeling that I really need to learn to fly with the mouse, but joystick is a lot more intuitive for me. Looking forward to see what the Star Citizen branded HOTAS will be like, hopefully by end of year.