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  1. I'd like to know what the name of the font you used. I
  2. Welcome Bro.
  3. 2006 Institute Of Technology Digital Art Contest 3rd place
  4. To all you amateur Logo Designers (Myself Included), Take Note of this months Adobe Create magazines front cover.
  5. Exactly What I strive to accomplish with this piece. Glad someone recognized the simplicity.
  6. I've evolved the design I like and am ready to refine and revolve,. progression is from top to bottom. How about some feedback?
  7. A few more Idea's, Been trying to come up with text that stays inside the circle detail.
  8. Thank you,. So, Do you own a qualifying Bomber? Gladiator, Retaliator, Vanguard Harbinger,. All qualifies for this specialized covert squadron. I'm also Requesting The Omega Board recognize the Freelancer MIS as a Omega Bomber as well. We're also recruiting Gunner's, Bombardier's, CoPilots & Bomber Crew. Here's teamspeak & signature Icons. Gold represents Bomber Pilot,. Silver represents Gunner/Crew Member,. TS icon represents Metal Rain, LOL! .
  9. Bomber Pilot Atomic Here,. Welcome,. Love your website,.Looking forward to flying with you guys.
  10. First off, Here's the the link to the Omega folder in my Photobucket account,. There is where you can always find any of my new Omega related graphics: Stuff?sort=3&page=1 I had already increased the frames from 36 to 72 but never published & uploaded the revised logo. That in itself is what allows for a smoother Increase/Decrease in speed for any format except for Gif,. Gif can be speed up, but only slowed down to the speed at which a gif plays. This batch is as slow as a gif can play,. Need it faster, No problem, However increasing the frames of the animation itself is the only way to slow this any further,. Enjoy
  11. And so does your web particle effect,. BTW, Is the inability to delete our own posts intended?
  12. Transparency Test