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  1. Grats Panda! If you ever need skilled pilots on your wing! Call xTodx, Mojo, Cham, Silly, even Strom... if desperate call Rye Rye.
  2. Most, I bet, do know it... It has just been years since we have needed to use it. It's a game!!!!1!!11!!11!one!!eleven!!! Rye.
  3. o/ All! So I sent in a ticket regarding the fact that I can not race. However, the reaction is priceless. (They are working on fixing my issue, turns out that I am not the only one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cloud Imperium Games (Cloud Imperium Games) Sep 19 12:23 Hi Rye, Attached you'll find a picture of James being flicked in the ear, as directed. If you need anything else, just let me know! Best, Alexis Cloud Imperium Games Attachment(s) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RyeGlitch (aka: Rye) Sep 18 20:35 Hi Alexis, I know that the devs hardly sleep, but I also know that CS can often be a thankless job. So thank you so much for the quick reply. Be sure to: "Freak Out, and Break Stuff" when needed. And I am sure that the needed fix will be soon! Again thank you for your time, Rye. PS: Flick James in the ear... he needs to be kept inline. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please see the attached. Rye,
  4. As always man love your stuffs. I would drop the asteriod part (But that is just me), but spash your branding and ours on it and call it a go! Rye.
  5. Hi, Most Saitek HOTAS/Joy sticks have a mouse on the stick and this can cause some issues with Star Citizen ESC menus. If you find that your mouse curser is disapearing and not clicking on menu items update your Saitek drivers. Currently there is a update for drivers for the x52 Pro that brings you to version, and I am sure all other sticks. To find the version of your driver, you should be open the 'Profile Editor' and on the Product page in the bottom you should see your 'Driver Version' if you do not please post here so I can look into it more. If you are at v7.0.27.13 you need to update the drivers... Rye.
  6. "Mo is a Hoe not a Fo..... Or a bro......." ~Spec Rye.
  7. Moho Moho; It's a pirate's life for me! Rye (and Spec (he said it first, I just posted it)).
  8. Give this one a try. Rye.
  9. Stumbled across this on the RSI forums. []. It has been designed for Mech's however, I see great potential for the more adventurous out there. Rye.
  10. Hello, For those of you that use a Saitek (MadCatz) HOTAS and possibly other Saitek devices as the forums are some what scattered. I have found the resolution for the issue when running TS3 and your HOTAS at the same time, you get double/multiple clicks on some bindings. At least for me. The thread where he states going to your profiles and changing the Default device is a tad on the cryptic side... Open TS3 Go to Settings > Options In the Options window select Hotkeys Select your Hotkey proflie (Most users will only have one) Now, at the bottom in the drop down menu select Keyboard and Mouse Only Apply and click OK. I have done this and it fixed my issue, and yes I can still use my HOTAS for push to talk as it is still bound to a keyboard input. Rye.
  11. Hmmm... Did not look that close when I was watching AV. The torpedo is 5m long. Wonder if it will be a slow projectile and will require light fighters/turret gunners to try and shoot them down as defense? Rye.
  12. I find the x55 throttle much bulkier. I think that with x52 I just have an easier time reaching for the buttons on the throttle. However, with very large ships, I think that it would be nice to have the additional buttons as I think that the larger ships may have more to manage; ammo, shields, power etc. Not to mention the split throttle. Rye.
  13. imgur/com
  14. Umm. yeah.
  15. Spread out will just happen as we all get into the little corners of the PU for what we need to get done. I think that Chris or someone has talked about Corp hangers at one point, but as the game rolls out and we start to find assets that will need to be defended and supplied I am sure that we will end up with some Central Hubs here and there. Rye.