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  1. Friday Night Flight starting at 5pm Pacific 7 April....bring your A game...we'll shoot up some ships and each other...Let have some fun.
  2. until

    Unable to fly at this time. xtodmanx glued my struts to the hanger. Now I have to get solvent remover. Nice Joke xtodmanx. Be there once the shipment arrives and glue is broken down. Expect a delay in flight Balsagna. LOL
  3. I thought I would just remind you that you suck... LOL

  4. So, I wanted to let you all know, I stole a vandul ship from the vandul while doing the missions. As I hopped into the ship, proud of what I had done, getting ready to fly back to port. I was planning on showing off my accomplishment and low and behold, ZERO quantum fuel. Damn it, where is a starfair when you need one. I proceeded back to my ship and blew up the prize. Sniff, Sniff.
  5. I have to decline at this time. Anyone else?
  6. What is your asking price? Message me, I may take it off your hands.
  7. yep, im still playing BSGO,
  8. Thank you for the signature.
  9. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I also play BSGO.