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  1. Knifes Warren in the back and steals his Cutlass to go along with my Avenger and Ghost. I'm in.
  2. 1st Role: Fighter support 2nd Role: Fighter support 3rd Role: Bit of smuggling. Goal: Get away from wife and screaming kids for an hour. Fav ship (owned): 325a Fav ship (not owned): Hornet (Ghost)
  3. I'll certainly try to be there.
  4. I'll certainly try and be there.
  5. I'm sure most who are looking into this have seen this thread already but for those of you who haven't, this guy has done some stella work on Voice Attack and has put his profile up for people to copy and use... I imported it last night to my laptop. Haven't used it in game yet but it is working as far as Voice Attack is concerned and it is fully customisable.
  6. I downloaded the 21 trial today to give it a go. This guy on the forum seems to have it working great, although I think he is using far too long a commands...but I'm loving the hot Australian computer!
  7. Hi Dagget
  8. No matter what time zones we all live in I think it's safe to say we all live in the....
  9. Nice idea... Will Ferrell would be the obvious choice for anchor...but I'm not holding my breathe on that one.
  10. Hi guys Title pretty much nails it. I've been looking through ship and weapon specs and was wondering is there a certain size weapon that can be fitted to certain class hardpoint? e.g. Size 1 weapons can only be fitted to class 1 hardpoints ...or are they totally unrelated?
  11. Well, I 'll be totally honest and admit I know only know slightly more about computers than the **** all I knew a few months ago. I chose the k because it could be overclocked and that's what all the cool kids seemed to be talking about and even though I hadn't planned to do it now I had the option to do it farther down the line but if a game developer is saying the 4770 is OK for him then it's sure as hell good enough for me... ...4770 and £25 it is.
  12. Cheers xtodmanx. After a bit of research I have settled on the i7-4770k. Seems to be the best value one for what I'm willing to spend.
  13. I was just about to buy the i5 3570k...should I rethink?
  14. This was the last joystick I used... I'd be very interested in any advice when it comes to choosing one. I'm gonna use my xbox controller to begin with but I'm sure it will quickly become apparent it doesn't have enough controls to play the game properly.
  15. Nice to meet you Newyork.