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  1. no idea which control i was using, and i couldnt see key bindings or anything (option was there but the gfx never appeared) i7 is the way to go eh? computer is 2 1/2 years old now P.S for the summer i work away most weeks with the odd weekend/day off, so don't think I'm AWOL
  2. 'Played' the game for 20 minutes before realising my computer cannot tolerate the power needed i was overshooting with the crosshairs as if i was drunk, resulting in my rocking up and down, left and right and all over the place i couldnt correct myself without sending myself spinning in the other direction... shit its hard when your key binding screen doesn't work. had to stop because i sucked, hard. didnt enjoy first experience
  3. The mighty weight of your wallet will strike fear into the hearts of people and stuff
  4. Eugh, so i may just leave and join ED instead seeing as you're here welcome matey, no raiders here unfortunately
  5. << this one
  6. I will bring the guns, but only if you have a ticket to the show
  7. Greetings Chaps/chicks! So the end of my BSGO time has ended, and I am torn between Star Citizen and 'Elite Dangerous', I rocked Scorpia with WnX for a while so i'm familiar with a fair portion of Scorpia players. My main account was Canceron, so if anyone is from there i apologise for pwning you for 3 years I am easy going and when I get my head down and set my mind to something, i will nail it Looking forward to kicking ass. Jack (Fonts)