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  1. Welcome to the Org. See you in the verse.
  2. I was hoping you saw this Daldrin.
  3. Nice chatting with you in TS. See you in the verse.
  4. We currently have 4-6 members in Omega Frontiersmen FPS group. We will expand the group as members coma back for 3.0. We most certainly can approach the group you are associated with and ask them to join us, but without a finished game it might be a tough sell.
  5. Very good idea. We will add one soon !
  6. until

    Are we having these now. ?
  7. I saw a few Facebook post of the x1, Pretty slick. Good catch.
  8. GamesCON Presentation

    Chris Roberts will be presenting Star Citizen.
  9. Will DO. The calendar has most of them with a few new additions after 3.0... if needed.
  10. Welcome we definitely can use another medic.. See you in the verse.
  11. welcome
  12. CitizenCon2017

    CitizenCon 2947 will be held on Friday 27th October at Capitol Theater in Frankfurt: Kaiserstra├če 106, 63065 Offenbach am Main. Doors will open in the evening with exact timings to be confirmed closer to the date. Saturday 1st July 7PM CEST: 150 Tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers only. Saturday 1st July 11PM CEST: 150 Tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers only. Sunday 2nd July 7PM CEST: 150 Tickets, now available to all backers. Sunday 2nd July 11PM CEST: The remaining 200 Tickets available to all backers.
  13. until

    I will try to be there, My son has baseball practice at 5:00.
  14. Glad to see you are digging up this information.. Medical will be just around the corner in no time.
  15. Sign me up.. Looking forward to helping out in the future. !! Keep up the good work folks !!