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  1. if you have to spend money and have no room .just send it all here i will take care of it for you
  2. i am looking to hopefully find a cheap system to build .that can handle the game will only need a good tower the rest i can get or already have
  3. i have been tring to get the avatar i like to upload ,but i seem to be having a prob getting it small enough i will upload it here . maybe one of you can get it down small enough for me
  4. hey folks this is MTW ,i love games and have been playing longer then most of you have been alive . hhaha i enjoy having fun ,you ask any bsgo player . hum ok some thing about me (if you need saving i am your guy , i am not a show boat . and my guys come first . When you reach my age if you are not having fun you are asleep lol ! my one and only rule is( keep your work at work ,keep your home at home and bring none of that to any game.