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  2. Please enter your personal name with your game name. If you’re a close friend with a member and they do not have a game name yet, put your name down as their referral. If you are not on this list and have not registered on by 11/5/2016 you will be deleted from this closed group. Also, download and log onto Team speak 3 to get your permissions. Blayn Chamblee - Chamwow Maniacal Ginger - Maniacal_Ginger Ryan Van Winkle - StratifiedSquamous Allen Dittmaier - GAllenHead Ian MacGregor - Xetrios Mikey Vongdara - EraticDragonSlayer Rick Damer- Friend of Chamwow Todd DeRosa - xtodmanx Justin Bryant - Jay Taylor Champagne - Starkiller91 Devereaux Cannon-Silly Nick Carlysle- Ruty Vito Charles Venezia - RubberCurtain Matthew White - MTW Charles Monn - CTMonn Mark Dry - Famine / inv by NewYork6 Grant Stoppel-GSTOPPER x Jeff Kuznekoff-Hurdler99 Marco Keiner Salo - ? Marsell Carter- Tokijima Onimura Joseph Shutty IV - Skullreaper Eric Davidson - ? Paul Quinonez - groundace Christopher Dolos - FenrirSnow Megan Butcher - MegaButcher Anthony Edward Bonds - Mr. Brightside/313802 Dylan Riggs - balls Chad Desy - ? Marley Dymond - Necrogb1 Dennis Chandler - StrykerDC Jesse Clark - ? Johnny Tuzzoli - ? Micheal Mueller - Arthmael86 Brandon Carl - Myoko Yatsumi Evgeny Kolchev - Reveral Warren Waldrop - Warren_G Joshua Mckane - Lastlupin/ xxlupintheiiixx Tobias Mcknight - willams Matthew Holloway - Mhollo Danny Smith - Atomic/At0micPunk Mark Barbour - Leoben-Rigby Troy Kary - ? Kyle Robinson - ? Tyler Gerould - Spaceagehero Alex Jacob - Werda Matt Schmidt - Blackdove Matt Smith-? Mark Frisby - Frizzer Patrick O'Halloran- NewYorkSix Ivan Antonijevic - Tweeksterr Tiago da Silva Maricate - HardyHero
  3. Also.. while I have y'all here. Give this thread a read. this signature works for here and on RSI.
  4. welcome back!
  5. Yeah thats a good one and im not sure you'll find the answer here. I have seen a video on linus tech tips with a video editor mapping two keyboards to one PC. the program he used to save settings and macos could be used on several computers.
  6. We will be migrating to a new closed FB page. Be sure to move yourself over. If you have close friends or know somebody That needs to be moved, you'll need to manually move them. We will be closing this page 11/5/16 Good hunting, So say we all.
  7. Awesome I didn't realize there was a save button
  8. anyone have an answer to this?
  9. Hmm i could had used this list in the marines
  10. Hes an old friend Dark hopped online today to say hi!
  11. Consolidated research Night

    log on to your google acount and help prepare a rough draft. Also we will be looking up game lore about the uee and consolidated outland
  12. also.. im in the polaris club as well
  13. Dark... what is your real name?
  14. This is indeed satire and not real. keep this in mind