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  1. Welcome, Blown! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  2. Hey Bender, can you send me the link to your write up? I'll go over it with you and reach out. Just like Todd said, they may/may not be interested, but it's worth a look! - Bals
  3. Nice idea! I've added this section on the new site, it'll fall under the Corporation division. The corporation division is pretty much all the misc fields of expertise of the org. Eg something like this :-)
  4. until

    Disregard. He posted on something very old. lol
  5. Nice work!
  6. until

    Edited the date to Tuesday, if that works best for you.
  7. Omega Board Meeting

    This meeting is for Board Members on general and future discussions. More information will TBD and edited as needed. Meetings run every 3 weeks on Wednesday starting at 6:00PM EST
  8. Balsagna

    Watch me dominate in Overwatch
  9. This sounds awesome, but I'm tenative. If I can make it, you can scratch me down as an escort. I have a Super Hornet.
  10. Thanks for the update. I haven't been following this much. If you need any assistance on the medical side, maybe I can help assist with that. Medical is my expertise after all :)
  11. Congrats Paladin
  12. Omega Streams Incoming

    Check out the new Omega Stream network, and let's get into the game
  13. Welcome to Omega Corporation

    I don't know why this happens right now.
  14. Smilesandbones

  15. That ninja edit lol