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  2. K06a 1 Role: Trucker / Smuggler 2 Role: Crew / Resource Creation 3 Role: Mining Goal: Become a drug kingpin with an Endeavor My Favorite Ship: Endeavor Do you own your Favorite ship?: No
  3. Welcome! We're a pretty relaxed group. It'll be fun to run some opps/missions together. See you in TS.
  4. Xbox shenanigans

    I'm new and will be streaming different Xbox games. I thank Omega Corporation ( a multi gaming & multi platform community) for their sponsorship. I'm excited to build something new and help your entity succeed in your non profit ventures.
  5. Welcome to the Org. See you in the verse.
  6. Welcome Bro.
  7. Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Omega Corp and say hi everyone! A quick bit about myself; 45 years old, gamer, DJ, married and *employed. This means, yes I do have a life outside of the games I play, and that I won't always be able to participate, however if and when I am on, I will be playing Star Citizen. Other games I frequent include; Skyrim, World of Borecraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and occasionally a little Star Wars: The Old Republic. Helpful skillsets include; Audio engineering, graphic artist (photoshop), 3d modeling (Blender) That being said, my goal in Star Citizen is to establish a routine, hopefully earn/upgrade to a larger freighter for hauling cargo, mining and exploration, and to have fun with the Omega Corp family. While I don't have access to the PTU as of yet, I do play on the live server once in awhile and enjoy what little fun we can derive from the prehistoric version of our beloved game. In any case, I hope to see you all around the verse and that this is going to be a long, entertaining, and exciting communion of like-minded individuals.
  8. I was hoping you saw this Daldrin.
  9. New update its finishing up whitebox about to go into greyboxing.
  10. 2006 Institute Of Technology Digital Art Contest 3rd place
  11. Nice chatting with you in TS. See you in the verse.
  12. Welcome, Blown! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  13. Hello and welcome! I think it's fair to say all of us are going to be pretty well rounded on most professions as they get released until the profession we personally want gets put into the game. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and someone here is bound to know the answer, subject to the CIG NDA of course.
  14. Hello evry1 i think i'm the newest member to your corp and also just started sc so i hope to learn some stuff from u all. i do not have a lot of experience in rp i will try but dont shoot me if it doesn't work out and about role's well i'm a bit of evrything an allrounder but not really specialized so tell me what u need and i'll be it. Ps. No dirty things tho i still have a bit of dignity and pride... That said in rl i'm Michael a 32 y old father of a 1 and a half year old daughter who somethimes in very difficult situations takes my time if u like it or not she goes first then i also have tha crazy wife she does not play games and likes to nag about me talking to loudly to any1 so sometimes i'm on ts i will hear u but dont talky talk back lol oh and the work might go crazy to in the week u wont see me much only in the weekend good thing is about that if i want a new ship each week! well see u al in space and hope to become good friend's/bud's/pilot's
  15. Hey Bender, can you send me the link to your write up? I'll go over it with you and reach out. Just like Todd said, they may/may not be interested, but it's worth a look! - Bals
  16. Nice idea! I've added this section on the new site, it'll fall under the Corporation division. The corporation division is pretty much all the misc fields of expertise of the org. Eg something like this :-)
  17. More meat for the grinder!
  18. We currently have 4-6 members in Omega Frontiersmen FPS group. We will expand the group as members coma back for 3.0. We most certainly can approach the group you are associated with and ask them to join us, but without a finished game it might be a tough sell.
  19. Very good idea. We will add one soon !
  20. Good Morning, I am proposing a linguist section as now its known that there will be a need for actual translators. These individuals will be invaluable during exploration, merchant, and diplomatic missions.
  21. Good Morning, This is a topic to discuss exactly what the numbers are of ground pounders that will be available to provide security during operations (non pilots). I've been looking around to try and get an idea of what those numbers are and I may be just looking in the wrong place. If our numbers are not as good as we would like. Without stepping on any toes here and providing the corporation with more options I'd like to offer up some potential prospects that are proven in game FPS leadership. Because I'm a transport/merchant pilot primarily, loading and offloading cargo is when I'm most vulnerable. Having a competent laser focused security team is a concern of mine. I'm not saying that the current team is inadequate, however if there is a chance to bring more bodies to the force to mix and match skill while providing an ample roster to pick from to conduct multiple missions across the verse would be beneficial to all. This would alleviate stress on the current team so they are not being stretched to thin and required to do mission after mission without really any down time. I recently came across this guys YouTube videos and his team of 30+ players that execute hour+ long missions by following orders thru a chain of command system. Their ability to plan, execute, adapt to, and complete missions ranging from 30 min to 2 hours without straying or letting ADD kicking is rare these days in the FPS gaming world. I strongly recommend reaching out to them. I have drafted up an official omega corp PDF file based on my observations and sources. If you want to take a look please let me know and i'll email it. Again, more bodies to provide security for operations. its a win for everyone.
  22. Nice
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